Verdrag tussen het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden en de VN Wereld Toerisme Organisatie [...] increase religious heritage tourism in a changing society”, Madrid, 13-06-2016

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Verdrag tussen het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden en de VN Wereld Toerisme Organisatie (UNWTO) ten behoeve van het houden van een UNWTO-conferentie inzake religieus erfgoed en toerisme: “How to increase religious heritage tourism in a changing society”

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Agreement between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for the Holding of a UNWTO Conference on Religious Heritage and Tourism: How to increase religious heritage tourism in a changing society

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I. Premises and equipment

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  • 1. The Government shall provide the premises, facilities and equipment listed below:

    • a) A conference room for the conference, with the same conditions, as follows:

      • A conveniently located conference room with a seating capacity of approximately 100-150 people sat in chairs available, and shall be equipped with the following;

      • Presidential table and 5 chairs with the corresponding side tables;

      • One lectern with microphone and a lap-top computer for PowerPoint presentations;

      • Beamer for PowerPoint presentations;

      • Large-dimension screen;

      • Sufficient number of microphones (for the moderator, the speakers and for the audience);

      • Banner (design provided by UNWTO) indicating the name and date of the conference, to be installed behind the presidential table;

      • Kit for participants (including promotional material, if required);

      • Drinking water service during all days of the conference and coffee/tea break;

      • The flags of the Netherlands, UNWTO and the United Nations shall be placed behind/next to the stage;

    • b) Badges for the participants (the design, colour and categories of the participants are to be provided by the UNWTO Secretariat), sufficient plastic holders for badges and lanyards;

    • c) Nameplates for the presidential table, indicating the name and the representing country or organization, according to the programme;

    • d) Production of conference paper and materials, including the printed programme;

    • e) An office for the Secretary-General, equipped as follows:

      • One desk with a chair, with office supplies;

      • A computer with Internet access and a printer;

      • A round table for 6 persons with chairs;

    • f) An office for the UNWTO Secretariat, with:

      • Three tables with 1 chair each;

      • One computer with Internet access connected to one high-speed duplex photocopying and printer machine;

      • Sufficient supply of A4 paper;

      The office shall be placed at the disposal of UNWTO officials upon arrival to the venue and until the end of the conference.

      Two English speaking assistants may be assigned to provide assistance to the UNWTO Secretariat office.

II. Local staff responsible to the UNWTO

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  • 2. The Government shall provide the following local staff:

    • a) A technician(s) responsible at all times for the audio-visual equipment in the conference hall and for recording of the proceedings, with a good knowledge of English. At least one technician should be in the meeting room at all times.

    • b) Sufficient number of hostesses/messengers to assist in the official conference language in the conference room, as well as other support staff.

III. Services to be provided to all participants and UNWTO staff

[Vervallen per 13-06-2017]

  • 3. The Government shall provide the following services to all participants and the UNWTO officials:

    • a) Full accommodation with breakfast for 3 UNWTO officials and international transport (air tickets) and full accommodation with breakfast for up to 20 international speakers selected by the UNWTO in agreement with the Government for the conference, in the same hotel as the venue for conference.

    • b) Providing the venue with multilingual signs, conference banners, and information stands;

    • c) Registration and information desks with English speaking assistants who will be responsible for the registration of participants under the supervision of the UNWTO officials. Additionally promotional material about sights of interest within the city or the region shall be provided.

    • d) Reception and transfer between the airport and the hotels (and return) for the UNWTO officials and (number) international speakers and other high level participants, if necessary. It is recommended to organize shuttle bus service between the selected hotels and the venue of the conference for the registration, the conference and for social events and technical visits.

IV. Other services

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  • 4. The Government shall provide directly the following services:

    • a) Hospitality and Social Programme:

      • Welcome Cocktail for the participants in the evening of the first day on 5 October 2016 The cocktail is attended by the Secretary-General and by the Highest Tourism Authority of the Host Country and other high officials;

      • Buffet lunch, a dinner and a coffee-break for the participants of the conference on 6 October 2016;

    • b) Hotel rooms: Blocking of a sufficient number of rooms for the participants near by the venue;

    • c) Social Programme;

    • d) Photographer: for the Opening Ceremony and for the days of the conference. Pictures shall be made available to UNWTO as soon as possible;

    • e) Inviting the national and local media and press to the press-conference to be organized on the 6th of October 2016;

    • f) Promoting the conference among national stakeholders and media and printing of promotional material (flyers, newsletters, etc.).


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I. Participation in the conference

[Vervallen per 13-06-2017]

  • 5. The Organization shall send invitations in all official languages to the UNWTO official recipients, as well as the corresponding reminders, to ensure the highest possible level of participation.

  • 6. The Organization shall disseminate among the official recipients the necessary information on the venue to facilitate their attendance in optimal conditions.

  • 7. The Organization shall manage and follow-up the registration of the participants who are formally invited by the invitation of the Secretary-General.

  • 8. The Organization shall ensure timely provision of materials in necessary electronic formats for subsequent printing and distribution to participants.

  • 9. The identification of international speakers and covering their flight tickets (up to the foreseen budget allocation of EUR 5.000 by the Regional Programme for Europe).

II. Logistics of the conference

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  • 10. The Organization shall implement a communication and promotional plan of the conference based on its own resources, through its website and social media and specific UNWTO press activities.

  • 11. The Organization shall regularly communicate to the authorities duly designated by the Government, the names and contact details of the participants registered, and shall generally coordinate all logistical aspects of the conference with the host country.

  • 12. The Organization shall convey to the participants all logistical information relating to the conference and their stay (programmes, transfers, social events, etc.).

  • 13. All photos and/or videos taken during the conference will be the exclusive property of the Organization and the Government and will be used by them for official purposes.

III. Content

[Vervallen per 13-06-2017]

  • 14. The Organization shall structure the Agenda of the conference, in collaboration with the Government.

  • 15. The Organization shall, in agreement with the Government, select and invite international speakers and experts to the conference and be responsible for their debriefing.

  • 16. The Organization shall take on the conduct of business throughout the conference.

  • 17. The Organization is responsible for publishing the presentations of the speakers of the conference and the final document with the conclusions on its website.

  • 18. Upon the completion of the conference, the Organization shall send the evaluation questionnaire to the participants.

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