Overeenkomst betreffende kwaliteitstarwe, Genève, 07-03-1962

Geldend van 07-03-1962 t/m heden

Overeenkomst betreffende kwaliteitstarwe

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Agreement with respect to quality wheat

Agreement entered into with respect to quality wheat (Common External Tariff Item Number ex 10.01) between the European Economic Community (hereinafter called the Community), the Member States of the European Economic Community (hereinafter called the Member States) and the non-European Economic Community countries signatory to this agreement (hereinafter called the Third Countries).

Considering that the national wheat tariffs of the Member States will be unbound and that the Common Tariff for wheat is not being bound, the Community and the Member States subscribe to the following obligations:

  • A. Until the putting into operation of the Common Agricultural Policy on wheat (application of a levy or levies to imports):

    • i) The national wheat tariffs of Member States as bound on September 1, 1960 shall not be increased.

    • ii) No new system or measures to restrict or regulate imports shall be introduced and in continuing existing measures within national systems the Member States shall endeavor to avoid any adverse change in the level of imports.

  • B. From the date of the decision of the Community to introduce the common policy for wheat until completion of negotiations with the Third Countries:

    • i) Negotiations shall commence as soon as the EEC Council of Ministers has decided to introduce the common policy for wheat and at the latest by June 30, 1963.

    • ii) The Community undertakes to enter into negotiations on the subject of the consequences on imports from Third Countries of the common agricultural policy to be applied. It does not exclude negotiation on the maximum level of the levy or levies. This negotiation shall take into account the importance of international trade in wheat and shall be such as to provide for the evolution of this trade with the Community under fair and reasonable conditions.

    • iii) The negotiations shall deal with quality wheat.

    • iv) The negotiations shall be in accordance with the procedures of Article XXVIII of the GATT. In these negotiations the Third Countries shall have all the contractual rights held by them on quality wheat on September 1, 1960.

    • v) Consultations shall take place if imports from non-EEC Contracting Parties show any appreciable decline in any period below the average of the corresponding period of the last three years. If the decline is related to the implementation of the common policy for wheat the Community and the Member States will take appropriate measures to remedy the decline.

General Understandings

  • i) While this agreement is in force, the Community and the Member States undertake to consult at any time with the Third Countries regarding its operations.

  • ii) The Third Countries do not in any way limit their rights under GATT, or otherwise, to press for the removal or adjustment of systems or practices of the Member States which have the effect of limiting the possible purchase or importation of wheat from such Third Countries.

DONE at Geneva this seventh day of March 1962, in the English and French languages, both authentic.

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