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Briefwisseling houdende een verdrag tussen de Regering van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden [...] Staten inzake de beveiliging van gerubriceerde gegevens, Washington, 18-08-1960

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Briefwisseling houdende een verdrag tussen de Regering van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden en de Regering van de Verenigde Staten inzake de beveiliging van gerubriceerde gegevens

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Nr. I


Washington, August 18, 1960



I refer to recent discussions between representatives of our respective Governments concerning the desirability of extending to all classified information exchanged between our two Governments the same principles which our Governments have agreed to apply in safeguarding classified information covered by the Security Agreement by the Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty, approved by the North Atlantic Council on January 6, 1950, and the Basic Principles and Minimum Standards of Security, approved by the Council of March 2, 1955 (NATO Document C-M (55)15(Final)).

I propose, therefore, that all classified information communicated directly or indirectly between our two Governments be protected in accordance with such principles, namely that the recipient:

  • a) Will not release the information to a third Government without the approval of the releasing Government.

  • b) Will undertake to afford the information substantially the same degree of protection afforded it by the releasing Government.

  • c) Will not use the information for other than the purpose given.

  • d) Will respect private rights, such as patents, copyrights, or trade secrets which are involved in the information, it being understood that with regard to patent rights and technical information for defense purposes the Agreement of 29th April 1955 between our Governments to facilitate the interchange of Patent Rights and Technical Information for Defense Purposes, will apply.

    If the foregoing is agreeable to your Government, I propose that this note and your reply to that effect, designating the types of information your Government wishes covered, shall constitute an agreement on this matter effective the date of your reply.

This arrangement would apply to all information furnished by the United States Government and classified “Confidential”, “Secret” or “Top Secret” and to such information as your Government designated as coming within the purview of this arrangement. It would not, however, apply to information for which special agreements may be required, such as atomic energy information which the United States designates as Restricted Data.

Recognizing that protection of the classified information exchanged hereunder, particularly in the field of research on, and development and production of defense material is essential to the national safety and security of both our countries, general procedures for safeguarding the information would be as set forth in the Annex hereto.

The details regarding channels of communication and the application of the foregoing principles would be the subject of technical arrangements between appropriate agencies of our respective Governments.

Accept, Sir, the renewed assurances of my high consideration.

For the Acting Secretary of State:



Annex of General Security Procedures.

The Honorable E.L.C. Schiff Chargé d’Affaires ad interim of the Netherlands

Annex of General Security Procedures

  • 1. Official information given a security classification by either of our two Governments or by agreement of our two Governments and furnished by either Government to the other through Government channels still be assigned a classification by appropriate authorities of the receiving Government which will assure a degree of protection equivalent to or greater than that required by the Government furnishing the information.

  • 2. The recipient Government will not use such information for other than the purposes for which it was furnished and will not disclose such information to a third Government without the prior consent of the Government which furnished the information.

  • 3. With respect to such information furnished in connection with contracts made by either Government, its agencies, or private entities or individuals within its territory with the other Government, its agencies, or private entities or individuals within its territory, the Government of the country in which performance under the contract is taking place will assume responsibility for administering security measures for the protection of such classified information in accordance with standards and requirements which are administered by that Government in the case of contractual arrangements involving information it originated of the same security classification. Prior to the release of any such information which is classified CONFIDENTIAL or higher to any contractor or prospective contractor, the Government considering release of the information will undertake to ensure that such contractor or prospective contractor and his facility have the capability to protect the classified information adequately, will grant an appropriate facility clearance to this effect, and will undertake, in accordance with national practice, to grant appropriate security clearances for all personnel whose duties would require access to the classified information.

  • 4. The recipient Government will also:

    • a) Insure that all persons having access to such classified information are informed of their responsibilities to protect the information in accordance with applicable laws.

    • b) Carry out security inspections of facilities within its territory which are engaged in contracts involving such classified information.

    • c) Assure that access to such classified information at facilities described in subparagraph b. is limited to those persons who require it for official purposes. In this connection, a request for authorization to visit such a facility when access to the classified information is involved will be submitted to the appropriate department or agency of the Government where the facility is located by an agency designated for this purpose by the other Government, and the request will include a statement of the security clearance and official status of the visitor and of the necessity for the visit. Blanket authorizations for visits over extended periods may be arranged. The Government to which the request is submitted will be responsible for advising the contractor of the proposed visit and for authorizing the visit to be made.

  • 5. Costs incurred in conducting security investigations or inspections required hereunder will not be subject to reimbursement.

  • 6. Classified information and material will be transferred only on a government-to-government basis.

  • 7. The Government which is the recipient of material produced under contract in the territory of the other Government undertakes to protect classified information contained therein in the same manner as it protects its own classified information.

  • 4. Each Government will permit security experts of the other Government to make periodic visits to its territory, when it is mutually convenient, to discuss with its security authorities it procedures and facilities for the protection of classified military information furnished to it by the other Government. Each Government will assist such experts in determining whether such information provided to it by the other Government is being adequately protected.

  • 5. The recipient Government will investigate all cases in which it is known or there are grounds for suspecting that classified military information form the originating country has been lost or disclosed to unauthorized persons. The responsible Government agency of the originating country will, without delay, be fully advised of such occurrences and of the final findings and corrective action taken to preclude recurrences.

Nr. II


Washington, August 18, 1960


I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your Note of August, 18, 1960, with Annex of General Security Procedures, concerning the safeguarding of all classified information exchanged between our two Governments, reading as follows:

[Red: (Zoals in Nr. I)]

In reply I have the honor to confirm that the arrangement as set forth in your Note and Annex is acceptable to the Netherlands Government. For its part the Netherlands Government states that all information classified “Confidential”, “Secret” or “Top Secret” will come within the purview of this arrangement.

The Netherlands Government furthermore agrees that your Note and this reply constitute an Agreement between our two Governments on this subject, to be effective as of today.

Accept, Sir, the renewed assurances of my highest consideration.


Chargé d’Affaires ad interim

The Honorable The Acting Secretary of State, Department of State