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Administratief Akkoord tussen het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden en Egypte inzake het project "Fayoum Farmer Field School", Caïro, 21-05-2008[Regeling vervallen per 31-03-2011.]

Geldend van 21-05-2008 t/m 30-03-2011

Administratief Akkoord tussen het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden en Egypte inzake het project "Fayoum Farmer Field School"

Authentiek : EN

Administrative Arrangement [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

The Minister for Development Cooperation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, being the competent Netherlands Authority for the purpose of this Administrative Arrangement, hereinafter referred to as “the Netherlands Party”, represented in this matter by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands in Cairo,


The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of the Arab Republic of Egypt, being the competent Egyptian Authority for the purpose of this Administrative Arrangement, hereinafter referred to as the “the Egyptian party”;

Having decided to cooperate in the field of “facilitating access to information and development through farmer field schools”,

Having regard to the provision of Article I of the Agreement on Technical Cooperation between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Arab Republic of Egypt, signed in Cairo on 30 October 1976, hereinafter referred to as the Agreement”,

Have entered into the following administrative arrangement:

Article I. (The Project) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

  • 1 The two Parties shall jointly execute a project to be known as the “Fayoum Farmer Field School Project” (FFS), hereinafter referred to as “the Project”.

  • 2 The overall project aims 1 improve the livelihood of the rural population in the Fayoum Governorate. Accordingly, the objectives are:

    • Support and strengthen the position of men and women in Fayoum through direct access to information flow about economic, agricultural, social and environmental issues

    • Develop and implement “broad context” FFSs at the governorate level

    • Develop an informed strategy for mainstreaming gender in the institutional set-up and activities of the project

    • The participatory FFS approach adopted in more governorates

    • Develop at farmer’s level a sustained system of information flow for all topics affecting their livelihood.

  • 3 The afore-mentioned cooperation between the two Parties is planned to last three years and four months. Project implementation is planned as of December 7, 2007 and end March 31, 2011.

Article II. (The Netherlands Contribution) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

The Netherlands Party’s contribution shall not exceed EUR 3,453,565. This contribution will be provided as technical assistance.

Article III. (The Egyptian Contribution) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

  • 1 The value of the Egyptian contribution is estimated at LE 3,075,000.

  • 2 The Egyptian Party shall make the additional contribution “in kind” towards basic salaries and allowances of staff with adequate capabilities; office accommodation, facilities and basic services for the project team.

Article IV. (The Executive Authorities) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

  • 1 The Netherlands Party shall appoint the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as the Executive Authority in charge of the Netherlands contribution to the Project.

  • 2 On the Egyptian side, the Executive Authority shall be the Fayoum Directorate for Agriculture (FAD).

  • 3 The above-mentioned Netherlands Executive Authority shall be represented in Egypt as far as the day-to-day operations of the Project are concerned, by the team leader appointed by the Netherlands party.

  • 4 The Team Leader will prepare an inception report that will be approved by the Project Advisory Committee and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Article V. (Delegation) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

Each of the executive Authorities, mentioned in Article IV, shall be entitled to delegate under its own responsibility, partly or entirely, its duties in connection with the Project to a third party. In doing so, the Executive Authorities shall inform each other immediately in writing of the names of persons or institutions delegated and of the extent of such delegation.

Article VI. (The Team leader) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

The Netherlands Team leader shall be responsible to the Netherlands Executive Authority for the correct implementation of the technical assistance. The Team leader shall act in close consultation with the Egyptian Executive Authority and respect the operational instructions given by the said Authority to the Egyptian personnel. The Egyptian Executive Authority shall provide the Team leader with any information that may be considered necessary by both parties for the execution of the Project.

The Team leader, who will also be a member of the Advisory Committee will work in close consultation with the said committee and respect its recommendations.

Article VII. (The Schedule of Operations) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

  • 1 The project is described in the project document entitled “Fayoum Farmer Field School-facilitating access to information and development”, which shall serve as schedule of operations.

    • This document indicates:

      • the contribution of either party;

      • the number and duties of the staff appointed by each party;

      • their job description;

      • the duration of their assignment;

      • a time-table, and

      • a description of the equipment and materials to be made available.

  • 2 The document mentioned in paragraph 1, which may be amended in common agreement by the Executive Authorities, shall form an integral part of this Administrative Arrangement.

Article VIII. (Reporting) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

The Netherlands Team leader shall submit six-monthly reports in the English language on the progress made in the execution of the Project to both Executive Authorities. Physical and financial reporting will reflect on activities implemented with the Netherlands and Egyptian contributions. At the termination of the Project, the Team leader shall submit a final report in the English language on all aspects of the work done in connection with the Project to all parties involved.

Article IX. (Status of the Netherlands Staff) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

The Netherlands staff assigned to the Project by the Netherlands shall enjoy the privileges and facilities, as described in the Articles II and III of the Agreement.

Article X. (Status of Netherlands Equipment and Materials) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

  • 1 In conformity with the provisions of Article V of the Agreement, the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt will exempt from all import duties and other charges, the equipment (inclusive passenger cars, spare parts, etc.) and other supplies provided by the Netherlands Government in connection with the Project.

  • 2 The ownership of all equipment and materials (inclusive of motor vehicles) supplied by the Netherlands Party in connection with the Technical Assistance component of the project, will be transferred to the Egyptian Party at the time the cooperation between the two parties on the project will be completed, unless both Parties decide to give another destination to the equipment and materials.

Article XI. (Evaluation) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

The Executive Authorities may start an evaluation of the Project during the last year of the Project.

Article XII. (Settlement of Disputes) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

Any disputes concerning the implementation of this Administrative Arrangement, which cannot be settled in consultation between the two Parties, shall be referred to the respective Governments and shall be settled in a way to be decided upon by the latter.

Article XIII. (Entry into Force and Duration) [Vervallen per 31-03-2011]

The Administrative Arrangement shall enter into force with retroactive effect to 7 December 2007 on the date of signature by both Parties and shall expire at the end of the period mentioned in Article I, paragraph 3, of this Arrangement or on the date on which the Project has been completed in conformity with the provisions of the Arrangement and the Schedule of Operations, whichever date is the later.

DONE in Cairo on the 21st of May 2008, in two originals in the English language.

For the Minister for Development Cooperation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,



For the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of the Arab Republic of Egypt,


  • ^ [1]

    [Red: hier ontbreekt het woord „to” in de tekst.]